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With most churches, the spoken word, or sermon, is the focus of the worship service. For some, the music also plays an important role in creating the right experience.
DIOS Audio Acoustics offers customised sound systems that blends into any type of worship style, while also making sure that important decorative and architectural features are not obscured by the sound system.
Emphasis is laid on making sure that everybody can hear and understand the spoken word, in order that every congruent and seeker feels included in the service.

Assistive listening systems are offered for those with hearing difficulties. We prefer to offer earphone style systems, where the person can wear wireless earphones to listen to the sound. Induction loop systems are the alternative option, for those with hearing aids that have a Telecoil setting.

We also help with the setup of recording and /or streaming of services.


Every school hall benefits from a well-functioning audio system. From a sound system, where every learner can understand the announcements in assembly to one that accommodates small musical and theatrical performances.
We will make sure that the audio is being understood throughout the school hall.
Focus is also being laid on a robust and easy-to-use system design.

For various sport events at schools, DIOS audio acoustics offer 100V distributed sound systems for sports fields and the pavilions.

We offer portable, battery operated sound systems, for small group meetings, that are easy and quick to setup and operate.


At DIOS audio acoustics, we know that most system operators are lay people. Therefore, we also conduct workshops to train your technicians who operate the systems at Churches, Schools and other Conference facilities on your own System. Our training sessions are simple, comprehensible and practical so that the trainees can operate the systems at ease.


Background music has a big impact on a person’s mood. Be it in a restaurant, beauty spa, hair salon, waiting room or retail store, our distributed sound systems help create the best and most comfortable experience for your customer.
Depending on the size of your venue or office, you can divide the system into different zones, the volume of the music of each individual zone (or room) can be independently controlled, either by a wall box volume control or on your device.
Music sources can be either Radio, mp3 players and/or music streaming services.

Voice Evacuation systems

Voice Evacuation systems are Life Saving systems. They are designed to assist in the orderly and timely evacuation of buildings during an emergency, using pre-recorded voice messages. According to research, clear and understandable messages improve the response of people during an emergency, reducing confusion and panic.
As they need to be reliable in an emergency, voice evacuation systems constantly monitor themselves for faults within the system and are backed up by batteries, should the power fail during operation.
The systems can double as a paging and background music system.
DIOS audio acoustics offers 2 types of Voice Evacuation systems, depending on the size of your public space.


When it comes to corporate presentations, board meetings and brainstorming, a quality audio system matters the most. We provide fully personalized packages for corporate houses. The packages include:

Conference sound systems with gooseneck type microphones, with recording capabilities

Fixed installed conference systems for larger conference facilities. These can be installed either onto or into the table or even flush with the table top. These systems are perfect when the discussion has to be recorded, as it comes with a built in recorder.
Wireless systems are also available as a mobile or temporary solution.

Recording systems for meeting and discussion rooms

For smaller discussion around a table, we provide you with a single microphone system, either suspended from the ceiling or built into the table.
Should you have an observation room, we will add a sound system into this room, so that the discussion can be seen and heard.
These discussions can be also be recorded.

Paging systems

When you need get hold of co-workers on a regular basis and calling his/her cell phone is not an option, then you need a paging system. With either a single zone or multi-zone paging system, you can call your co-workers in the workshop or in the back office, by the click of a microphone button.
Paging systems work well together with background music systems, creating a pleasant work environment.
Automated and pre-recorded messages can also be played over the paging system, either by the press of a button or according to a schedule.

White noise or Sound Masking systems

White Noise or Sound Masking systems increase privacy and therefore improve the performance and efficiency of co-workers, without losing the feel of an open plan office environment.
If employees in your company or office are distracted by other noises such as footsteps, conversations of co-workers, amongst others, then a white noise sound masking system might be ideal for your company.

They are beneficial in Call Centres, Open Plan Offices, Financial institutions and Libraries. Our systems are simple and quick to install, lowering the cost of labour and installation time and therefore disruption time. They can be installed into any ceiling tile and are very energy efficient, keeping electricity costs low. Music and paging can be played over the system as well. Automatic volume ramping can be controlled via its software.

Office privacy also benefits greatly from proper office acoustics. DIOS audio acoustics offers comprehensive and tailor made acoustic treatment and sound proofing solutions for your office environment.

Multiroom Systems for your Home

Listening to your favourite music in your favourite room in crystal clear audio should not be a dream anymore. We can make this your reality.
With multiple input sources, like your favourite network streaming platform, satellite decoder or mp3 player, you can select which source should play in which room at which level. You can control all this either from wall or table mounted touch panel or from your smart device.

Dante (Audio over IP)

One of the newest developments in professional Audio, is the transmission and routing of audio over standard IP networks, creating endless, but easy options for configuring your sound system.
According to the website of Dante: “Dante is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 2000 products from more than 400 manufacturers. Dante replaces point-to-point analogue and digital connections with a standard IP network that delivers completely lossless audio, massive channel counts and near infinite signal routing flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to deploy and use.” – www.audinate.com
Contact us for your first step into this new and exciting technology!


We supply Customised Audio and AV cables for any application. Be it a simple microphone cable or a multicore cable with a stage box, we can meet your demands.
Should a cable be broken, don’t just throw it away. We can possibly repair it for you.


Value Added Services

Surge Protectors and UPS

Protecting your Sound and Video Systems, or even your telephone systems, from lighting strikes and power surges, should be on the minds of every business owner. It’s not a necessity, but it prevents any downtime of your system due to damage caused by unstable electricity. Our Surge Protectors also have Power Conditioners built in, which cleans the electricity, giving you a better performing system and extending its life time.
Contact also DIOS audio for a suitable Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) for your AV system.


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