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Professional Audio systems for Churches, Schools, Retail and Conference environments 
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  • Churches & schools 
  • Background music systems 
  • Conference & office 
  • Paging systems 
  • White noise 
  • AudiooverIP (Dante audio networking) 
  • Multiroom systems 
  • Customised Cables 


Practical audio visual solutions for corporate and conference needs, as well as the education sector

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  • Presentation systems 
  • Video conference systems 
  • Video distribution systems and digital signage


Customised Sound treatment & Sound proofing for the Office environment and Music Studios

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  • Open plan office 
  • Boardrooms 
  • Music studios
  • Work From Home Office
  • Noise Measurements and Noise Calculations

Who We Are

Established in 2011, our highest priority at DIOS Audio is that of outstanding workmanship and client satisfaction.

After working in the sound industry, and lecturing in sound engineering and acoustics for seven years, the founder and owner, Wolfgang Meyer, felt God putting on his heart to start a pro audio business. He recognised a need for good-quality but cost-effective installations and maintenance services in sound systems.

We therefore strive for outstanding quality service which is tailor-made to the needs and budget of our client to ensure his/her satisfaction.

Specialists in Audio, Video conferencing and acoustic solutions for business

Based in Gauteng, we specialise in the sale, installation and maintenance of first-rated sound and audio-video (AV) systems for commercial and corporate applications. Knowing that the acoustics of a room is as important as the sound system in that room, DIOS Audio offers customised acoustic treatment and sound proofing solutions for boardrooms and sound studios while transforming open-plan offices into more efficient and privacy-friendly environments.

We also help with the design and noise control of commercial and industrial air-flow systems. We engage in transparent business practices and strive for uplifting the community by living out Christian values.

Mrs Yamamoto

“The service was prompt and professional, rendered with smile.  Very satisfied.  Thank you very much!”

Tristan Brammer

“I recently purchased a full PA system for our Church, including the Amplifier, Speakers, Wireless Microphones and a Wireless Lapel Microphone. Besides the excellent service I enjoyed from Dios Audio, the quality and price of the system is unrivalled.

I receive continuous “Thank You’s” from members, and am proud to have been able to deal with Dios Audio. Thank you so very much. I will not think twice to deal with Dios audio again in the future.” 

Songezo Solontsi - IT Manager – Tega Industries South Africa.

“We had a noise problem in our Board room. Whatever sound occurred in one room was heard in the other! We used some Dios Audio Sound absorbing panels for treatment inside the boardroom and they soundproofed the ceiling. We are very satisfied with the results. 

It is a brilliant product and ihas totally made a huge difference in the room and we will be recommending Dios Audio to everyone we know with a noise problem.” 

Celesté Küsel, Owner at Celesté Küsel Music Studio

DIOS audio installed acoustical panels for sound treatment in my music studio. The panels are very effective and they were professionally manufactured, even enhancing the interior of the studio. 

The service was prompt and professional. 

Sebastian Schneider, General Manager at Motherland Coffee Company

“Dios Audio have always provided us with the right audio solutions for our coffee houses. They always ensure they fully understand the requirements of our spaces, and provide the right system for our needs. With their excellent service, expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail, they’re both a pleasure to work with and offer great value.”  

Nicholas Stavrinos, Financial Manager at St Leger and Viney

“We really enjoyed working with Dios Audio. The service was fast, friendly and efficient, and the products were of the best quality.” 

Radmila Benguric, 23 On Hazelwood Restaurant

“I would like to thank Wolfgang for a job well done. We have found his service to be most helpful. Wolfgang’s knowledge and expertise of audio made the installation a success.”

Our Audio Service Offering


ChurchesWith most churches, the spoken word, or sermon, is the focus of the worship service.

For some, the music also plays an important role in creating the right experience. DIOS Audio offers customised sound systems that blend into any type of worship style, while also making sure that important decorative and architectural features are not obscured by the sound system. Emphasis is made on ensuring that everybody can hear and understand the spoken word, so as to guarantee that every congruent and seeker feels included in the service. Assistive listening systems are offered for those with hearing issues. We offer either induction loop systems for those with hearing aids that have a Telecoil setting, or earphonestyle systems, where the person can wear wireless earphones that pick up the sound. 

We also assist with the setup of the recording and/or streaming of services.



Schools: Every school hall benefits from a well-functioning AV system.

This ranges from a sound system where every learner can understand the announcements in assembly, to that which accommodates small musical and theatrical performances. We will make sure that the audio is audible and the video is visual to everyone. Specific focus is also put on the robust and easy-to-use system design. DIOS Audio and Installations offers 100V distributed sound systems for sports fields and pavilions. 

We offer portable, batteryoperated sound systems for small group meetings that are easy and quick to set up, and operate. 

Training and Additional Services

We conduct workshops to train technicians that operate your systems at churches, schools and other conference facilities. 

Our training sessions are simple, comprehensive and practical so that the trainees can operate the systems at ease. If you have an existing sound system that needs to be upgraded, we are happy to assist after we conduct an evaluation. 

We also offer maintenance work on your sound system to ensure proper functionality. 

Audio for Retail, Conference and Office

When it comes to corporate presentations, board meetings and brainstorming, a quality audio-video system matters the most. We provide fully personalised packages for corporate houses. These packages include: 

Background Music systems

Background music has a big impact on a person’s mood. Be it a restaurant, beauty spa, hair salon or clothing store, our distributed sound systems help create the best retail experience for your customer.

By dividing the system into different zones, the volume of the music of each individual zone (or room) can be independently controlled, either by a wall box volume control or on your smart device.

Music sources can be either Radio, mp3 players and/or music streaming services.

Conference sound systems with gooseneck-type microphones, with recording capabilities

Fixed installed conference systems for larger conference facilities.

These can be installed either onto or into the table or even flush with the table top. These systems are perfect when the discussion has to be recorded, as it comes with a built-in recorder.

Wireless systems are also available as a mobile or temporary solution.

Recording systems for meeting and discussion rooms

For smaller discussions around a table, we provide you with a single microphone system, either suspended from the ceiling or built into the table. Should you have an observation room, we will add a sound system into this room, so that the discussion can be seen and heard.

These discussions can be also be recorded.

Wireless headphone systems

We offer portable sound systems that can be used for high-speech intelligibility.

Whether for those with impaired hearing, for interpretation applications or for guided tours, these wireless systems are user-friendly and highly customisable, targeted at fulfilling all your needs.

You are also provided with transport and charging cases for the system. 

Paging systems

When you need get hold of co-workers on a regular basis and calling his/her cell phone is not an option, then you need a paging system.

With either a single zone or multi-zone paging system, you can call your co-workers in the workshop or in the back office by the click of a microphone button. Paging systems work well together with background music systems, creating a pleasant work environment.

Automated and pre-recorded messages can also be played over the paging system, either by the click of a button or according to a schedule.

White noise or sounds masking systems

White noise or sound masking systems increase privacy, improving the performance and efficiency of co-workers without losing the feel of an openplan office environment.

If employees in your office are distracted by other noises such as footsteps, voices of co-workers, ringing telephones etc., then a white noise sound masking system is ideal for your company. They are beneficial in call centres, open-plan offices, financial institutions and libraries, amongst others. Our systems are simple and quick to install, lowering the cost of labour and installation time.

They can be installed into any ceiling tile and are very energy efficient, keeping electricity costs low. Music and paging can be played over the system as well. Automatic volume ramping can be controlled via its software. 

Audio-over-IP (Dante)

One of the newest developments in professional audio is the transmission and routing of audio over standard IP networks, creating endless but easy options for configuring your sound system. 

DIOS Audio has Dante level 3 certification, the highest certification level for this Audio-over-IP protocol. “Dante is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 2000 products from more than 400 manufacturers.

Dante replaces point-to-point analog and digital connections with a standard IP network that delivers completely lossless audio, massive channel counts and near infinite signal routing flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to deploy and use.” – cited from www.audinate.com

Multiroom Systems

Listening to your favourite music in crystal-clear audio should not be a dream anymore. We can make this your reality. With multiple input sources, like your favourite network streaming platform, satellite decoder or mp3 player, you can select which source should play in a specified room, and at what level. You can control all this either from a wall- or table-mounted touch panel, or from your smart device. 

Customised Cables

We supply customised audio and AV cables for any application. Be it a simple microphone cable or a multicore cable with a stage box, we can meet your demands. Should a cable be broken, don’t just throw it away. We can possibly repair it for you. 

Our AV Service Offering

Presentation Systems

Collaborating in a team and sharing the latest information for a project? We can supply you with video screens, projectors or TV screens with either wired and/or wireless presentation systems. Make annotations in your presentation and save them directly onto your office network for easy access and retrieval. Display high-quality video on the screen and listen to high-quality audio via the sound system.

Video conferencing systems for small- to medium-sized boardrooms/huddle rooms

We offer industry-leading video and audio conferencing systems, coupled with state-of-the-art Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for clear audio. Our systems come in different sizes and configurations, from smaller systems with tabletop microphones for huddle rooms, to bigger systems with ceilingmounted microphones for medium-size boardrooms. You can either “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) or have a dedicated PC installed with the system.

Video Distribution Systems and Digital Signage

 Should you require video screens in multiple areas in your office, our robust and easy-to-use video distribution systems will give you the capability to get your visual message across, wherever you need it. You can display your restaurant menu or latest product ranges on the screens by means of a digital signage system. The content can be easily edited and updated. A scheduling system will show specific content at a specific time of day. 

Surge Protectors and UPS

Protecting your sound and video systems  or even telephone systems  from lighting strikes and power surges should be the priority of every business owner.

It’s not a necessity, but it prevents any downtime of your system due to damage caused by unstable electricity. Our surge protectors also have built in power conditioners that clean the electricity, giving you a better performing system and extending its lifetime. 

We also supply a suitable Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for your AV system. 

Our Acoustic Service Offering

Room acoustics has the aim of optimising the audibility inside a room. This includes good speech intelligibility, minimising of annoying background noises and good reproduction of music. With this in mind, DIOS audio can develop an acoustic solution that is designed specifically for your working environment. 

DIOS Audio is a proud member of the Swiss Acoustical Society.


Work From Home Office

Treat unwanted echoes and reverb to improve your Video conferencing experience in your
“Work From Home” Office. The use of our DIOS Acoustics absorbing panels will improve the
clarity of your voice during your conference calls. Our customised printed acoustic panels
also make for a good looking background.

 We also offer sound proofing solutions, e.g. sound proofing existing doors and windows to
dampen unwanted noise from other rooms.

Open-Plan Office

DIOS Audio caters for SME businesses looking for guaranteed solutions in treating noise levels in open-plan offices, hallways, call centres and control centres. For assistance with background noise levels in your office, we help decrease annoying sounds and offer the best solution with various acoustic treatments to suit your needs. These acoustic solutions can be used together with our white noise system which masks the noise level. 


Soundproof boardrooms are a priority for most companies. We will design the best possible solution to ensure what’s being said in the boardroom stays in the boardroom. The sound inside the boardroom is also of high importance. With the rising use of video conferencing systems, good speech intelligibility is crucial for a successful discussion with your remote colleagues. Excessive reverb will tremendously decrease the clarity of speech, making a video conference frustrating and inefficient. 

Music Studios

Acoustic treatment with absorbing panels, diffusers and bass traps will help transform your sound studio into a clear and tight sounding environment, helping to make your creative process a pleasant experience. Ask us for your customised solution.

Noise Measurements & Noise Calculations

Noise calculations for commercial and industrial airflow and HVAC systems are done by DIOS Audio to ensure that the noise level stays within the required Health and Safety regulations. We also assist with noise level measurements for outdoor events.

Our Products Include

DIOS acoustics Standard absorbing panels - various sizes

DIOS acoustics Printed absorbing panels - various sizes

Acoustic doors

Courtesy of Aluglass Bautech

Acoustic partitions for conference venues

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Acoustic glass solutions

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