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Customised Acoustic treatment and Sound proofing solutions for the Office, Education, Home and Entertainment Environment

Office, Education and Home

Our Acoustic Treatment will get rid of annoying echoes and reverberation.
We will make sure that your conversation is only heard by the intended person with our Sound Proofing solutions.

  • Customised solutions to increase comfort, improve speech intelligibility and speech privacy
  • Essential for Boardrooms, Call Centres, Open Plan offices and Rooms for Video Conference calls
  • White Noise systems for increased privacy and efficiency
  • Ideal for Auditoriums and Lecture Rooms

Recording Studios and Home Theatres

  • Standard and customised acoustic panels, bass traps and diffusors
  • Turnkey solutions for Studios and Home Theatre: We get your studio or theatre designed and built in one go.


Professional Audio systems for Churches, Schools, Retail, Corporate and Conference environments

Types of audio systems we install are

  • Sound systems for Churches, designed according to the worship style
  • Sound systems for School halls and Sport fields
  • Background Music systems for Restaurants, Retail Stores and Hair Salons
  • Paging systems for Warehouses
  • Voice Evacuation systems
  • White Noise systems for Call centres and Open Plan Offices
  • Multiroom systems for your home


Outstanding workmanship
and client satisfaction is
our highest priority.

DIOS Audio Acoustics was established in 2011. After working in the sound industry and being a lecturer in Sound Engineering and Acoustics for seven years, the founder and owner, Wolfgang Meyer, felt God putting on his heart to start a Pro Audio business. He recognised a need for good quality but cost-effective installations and maintenance services in sound systems. We therefore strive for outstanding quality service, which is tailor-made to the needs of our client to ensure his/her satisfaction.

Based in Gauteng, we specialise in the sales, installation and well-maintenance of first-rated sound systems for commercial and corporate applications, as well as designing customised acoustic and sound proofing solutions for home and office.

We engage in transparent business practices and strive for uplifting the community by living out Christian values.





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