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Room acoustics has the aim of optimising the audibility inside a room. This includes good speech intelligibility, minimising of annoying background noises and good reproduction of music. Knowing that the Acoustics of a room is as important as the sound system in that room, DIOS Audio Acoustics offers customised acoustic treatment and sound proofing designs for home office, boardrooms and sound studios, as well as transforming open-plan offices into more efficient and privacy-friendly environments.

DIOS Audio Acoustics is a registered member of the Swiss Acoustical Society

Open Plan Office

DIOS Audio Acoustics caters for the small to medium size business that is looking for a guaranteed solution in treating noise levels in open-plan offices, hallways, call centres and control centres.
If the background noise level of your office is too high that causes disturbances and distractions, we can help you decrease annoying sounds and get the best solution with various acoustic treatments that will suit your needs.
These acoustic solutions can be used together with our White Noise system that masks the noise level.


Soundproof Boardrooms is a high priority for most companies. We will design the best possible solution to ensure what’s being said in the Boardroom stays in the Boardroom.

The sound inside the Boardroom is also of high importance. With the rising use of Video Conferencing Systems, good speech intelligibility is crucial for a successful discussion with your remote colleagues. Excessive reverb will decrease the clarity of speech tremendously, making a video conference frustrating and inefficient.
Let us help you get a good sounding boardroom or huddle room with our custom-made sound panels and acoustic solutions.


Our products include:

Standard Absorbing panels in various colours and sizes

High Definition Printed Absorbing panels in various sizes

Acoustic doors

Acoustic partitions for conference venues

Acoustic glass solutions


Acoustic treatment with absorbing panels, diffusers and bass traps will help transform your sound studio into a clear and tight sounding environment, helping to make your creative process a pleasant experience. Ask us for your customised solution.


Noise calculations for commercial and industrial airflow and HVAC systems are done by DIOS Audio Acoustics to ensure that the noise level stays within the required Health and Safety regulations.

We can also assist with Noise level measurements for outside events and environmental noise issues.


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