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Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment plays a vital role in controlling and managing sound in various environments. It reduces echo and reverberation, creating comfort and enhancing productivity. Optimising the acoustics, benefits the environment where speech intelligibility and clarity is crucial, like conference rooms and educational facilities.
Acoustic panels can make spaces, like restaurants and offices, sound quieter and more focused. By strategically placing them on walls and ceilings, they capture and absorb the unwanted sound, lowering the background noise levels. As a result, ear fatigue is reduced, which improves productivity and concentration.
Not only do acoustic panels improve the auditory experience, they also contribute to the visual aspect of the room space. Different textures, shapes and colours can make the environment visually more appealing.

DIOS audio acoustics have a range of acoustic products to suit your space, creating comfort and functionality all in one.

DIOS Audio Acoustics is a registered member of the Swiss Acoustical Society

Open Plan Offices, Call Centres

DIOS audio acoustics caters for the small to medium size business that is looking for a guaranteed solution in minimising annoying distractions in open plan offices, hall ways, call centres and control centres.
By combining various acoustic treatments and strategic placement, we will design the best solution that will suit your specific needs.
White Noise systems or Sound Masking can form part of this solution to increase speech privacy and efficiency in the work environment.


The acoustics of the boardroom and conference room is of high importance. With the rising use of Video Conferencing Systems, good speech intelligibility is crucial for a successful discussion with your remote colleagues.
Excessive reverb will decrease the clarity of speech tremendously, making a video conference frustrating and inefficient.

Let DIOS audio acoustics help you get a great sounding boardroom or huddle room with our custom made sound panels and acoustic solutions.

Music Studios

Acoustic treatment with absorbing panels, diffusors and bass traps will help transform your sound studio into a clear and tight sounding environment, helping to make your creative process a pleasant experience.

We will design and build a customised studio according to your specific needs.


Our Acoustic products include:

Standard Range Absorbing Panels

The Standard Range panels are fabric covered panels and are offered in various colours.
Standard size: 1200mm x 600mm, with custom sizes available.

Decor Range Absorbing Panels

The Decor Range panels are fabric covered panels with a design cut out mounted on the front. The cut out comes in a veneer, natural wood or spray painted finish.
Various fabric colours are available.
Size: 1200mm x 600mm

Printed Absorbing Panels

Absorbing panels covered with high definition artwork fabric prints.
Standard size: 1200mm x 600mm, with custom sizes available.

Acoustic Curtains

As an alternative to absorbing panels, acoustic curtains function as a sound absorber, while creating a more comfortable feel.

Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling clouds are acoustic panels suspended vertically from the ceiling. These work well in larger spaces or where wall space is limited.

Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling baffles are acoustic panels suspended horizontally from the ceiling. These work well in larger spaces and corridors or where wall space is limited.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles are designed in fit into a standard suspended ceiling grid. These tiles are ideal for open plan offices and call centres. They come in white and grey colours.

PET Panels

PET panels are made from recycled material. They are printable and tackable and are available in different designs, colours and sizes.

PET Baffles

PET baffles are made from recycled material. They create a vibrant and decorative addition to the workplace.

Custom Acoustic Projects


Sound Proofing

Whereas Acoustic Treatment is controlling and managing the sound inside a room, Sound Proofing is preventing unwanted sounds from entering a space and confidential information from leaving a space. This is crucial for Boardrooms, Financial, Medical and Legal facilities, as well as Home Offices.
Speech privacy in certain spaces is therefore a high priority for most companies, as they would like to ensure that what’s being said in the room stays in the room.
Keeping annoying sounds, like traffic, machine noise and neighbourhood activities out of your space, will create a quieter, more comfortable and focused space.

White Noise systems or Sound Masking can form part of this solution to increase speech privacy around Boardrooms and Offices.

With a combination of construction methods, insulated windows and sound proof doors, DIOS audio acoustics will improve the privacy and comfort of your office environment.

Acoustic Doors

Sound proof doors are a vital component in creating speech privacy in offices and boardrooms.
They come in different sound rating levels, sizes and finishes.

Acoustic Glass Solutions

Acoustic glass solutions helps in creating speech privacy, without losing the visual openness of the workplace. Suitable for radio and podcast studios.

Acoustic Floor Underlay

The Acoustic self-adhesive underlays make for a quick and simple installation of various flooring types, without the need for wet adhesives. Made from recycled vulcanised rubber granules, this system works well for sound proofing floors in multi-story apartment blocks.

Acoustic Subfloor System

The Acoustic rubber cradles form a subfloor system for refurbishments, conversions and new flooring projects. They are made from quality recycled tyre rubber.


Room Noise Measurements

We perform Acoustic assessments of your environment determine the quality of your room acoustics. This includes the reverb time of the room and how much sound enters the room from the outside.


Environmental Noise Measurements

DIOS audio acoustics can assist with Environmental Noise level measurements for outdoor events and environmental noise issues.
We make use of high quality Class 1 Sound Level Meters to insure accurate readings, according to the South Africa National Standards.


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